Why Walters' Telescopes?

Walters Telescopes are life changing!  For over 60 years our telescopes have helped more than 150,000 people live their best lives. See and hear the real-life impact of a Walters Telescope in the short stories below.

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Jermone Hale Jr., COMS, M.Ed

Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist 

Phoenix, Arizona

Jerome describes how Walters' telescopes enhance and promote individual leadership, provide freedom and have significant benefits as compared to an electronic device or app.


Wayne Williams

Retired Software Engineer and Walters Telescope User

Cochran, Georgia

Walters Telescopes helped Wayne achieve independence, success and peak work performance for more than 30 years.


David Currie 

Jack-Of-All-Trades and Walters Telescope User

Ontario, Canada

A user for 20 years+, Walters Telescopes have helped David remain active, productive and improve his family relationships.


Dr. Stephanie Fleming, OD

Clinic Director, Center for Vision Health

Dallas, Texas

Dr. Fleming has been prescribing Walters Telescopes for over 25 years because of their clear optics, ease of use, durable housings, and how they promote individual independence.  

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Dr. Cheryl R.

Prescribing Optometrist

United States

Walter's monocular can truly "open the world" for a child who is visually impaired.

We Are the Only Company That Provides In-House Services

We Are the Only Company That Provides In-House Services

Get long-term value with our in-house custom mounting, cleaning, repairs and service after purchase.

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