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Did You Know That Walters Monoculars Are Repairable?

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Repair & Service

All Walters Telescopes include a Limited Lifetime Warranty. This covers any manufacturer defects for the lifetime of the original purchaser. Normal wear and tear and abuse* (accidental or otherwise) is not covered under the warranty.

We have the world’s largest selection of Telescopes and Accessories available, and we are proud to provide all repairs and service in house. Walters Telescopes are an investment that can last a lifetime with our in-house expert help. Over the life of your products, we can repair, service, clean and mount them.

  • Repair: We provide a low-cost evaluation of any damage to your product to determine if it is a manufacturer defect or user damage. All repairs are done by our experts in house after providing you with a quote.
  • Service: The internal components of your Telescope may become dusty/dirty over time and may need lubrication or tightening. Our service involves cleaning the individual parts for optimal visual function and Telescope operation.
  • Custom Mounting: We will mount your Telescope into any frame. This requires drilling, mounting and properly angling the telescope, precisely based on patients PD and use requirements.

*Examples of normal wear and tear and abuse include, but are not limited to: water damage, dirt inside the telescope, smashed or dented housings, chipped lenses, separated lens elements, missing or worn out parts and telescopes disassembled by the customer.

All fees are determined on a case-by-case basis for any repair, service, or mounting need outside of warranty. Call us to speak with a representative about your repair or service needs.


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We Are the Only Company That Provides In-House Services

We Are the Only Company That Provides In-House Services

Get long-term value with our in-house custom mounting, cleaning, repairs and service after purchase.

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