Walters low vision optics


Walters has the most accessories available anywhere!

Walters 2X Doubler

Doubles the magnification of your existing telescope and creates two telescopes in one! Our Doubler threads onto the objective side of the following telescopes - 3.25x25, 4x12, 6x16, 6.3 x25, 7x21, 8x20, 8x21, 10x20, 10x25 and 14x20.

Finger Ring

Allows for discrete Walters telescope use.  Also acts as a handy carrier for smaller telescopes.  Attaches with either lock rings or a short eyecup.

Hand Grip

A sturdy tool to help with limited hand dexterity, greater gripping power and steady alignment for classroom settings and those on the move.

Telescope Bands for Personalization

Add some color and personality to your Walters Telescopes.  Also helps with contrast and grip. Use with a 3.25x25 or higher.

Eye Cups

Walters has several eyecups to accommodate a variety of handheld and mounted telescope applications.  Consider alternative eyecups when using your Walters telescope with grips, clamps and custom frame mountings.

Reading Caps

Reading caps allow greater focusing capacity for near tasks, like reading or computer work.  The user can be significantly closer to the viewing material while retaining excellent optical quality.

Telescope Mounting Clamps (Fixed and Flip-Up)

Walters clamps allow for hands-free telescope use.  Makes an existing pair of glasses serve a dual purpose - even sunglasses.

Lock Rings

Use Walters lock rings for mounting telescopes into grips, clamps, or custom settings without bulk or weight.

Wobble Washers

Walters wobble washers allow telescopes to be mounted at an angle.  Use several to achieve needed angle up to 12 degrees.

Mounting Frame and Washers

Mount most Walters telescopes for comfortable and sturdy prolonged use, indoors or out.  Helps to minimize glare and maximize field of view.


Lost your case?  We have replacements!

Neck Straps

Replacement neck straps available for all Walters telescopes to ensure ready and accessible use.

We Are the Only Company That Provides In-House Services

We Are the Only Company That Provides In-House Services

Get long-term value with our in-house custom mounting, cleaning, repairs and service after purchase.

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