It’s What Walters is Made of!

Walters monoculars are now covered by a limited lifetime warranty -- the best in the industry!  Click here for more information.

What Makes Walters Telescopes So Popular?

  • Sam Walters is credited with inventing the close-focus monocular, forever changing low vision!  His spirit lives on in all Walters products today!
  • Walters telescopes have excellent optics. Each telescope is made with optical quality glass lenses, as opposed to lower quality glass or plastic.
  • The ocular and objective lens of each telescope is coated with an anti-reflective coating.
  • The ocular lens system is comprised of two lenses and a spacer, which acts to aid against damage due to dropping or misuse.
  • Walters telescopes can be fitted with astigmatic lenses (+1 through +5 cylindrical lenses)
  • Walters has the LARGEST selection of low vision telescopes available!
  • Walters products have many accessories that can be used with their telescopes, including stands, doublers, hand grips, flip-up and standard spectacle clamps, extra close reading caps, finger rings, lock nuts and tapered rings.
  • All Walters telescopes have removable eye cups so that the monoculars can be spectacle-mounted or clip-on mounted.
  • All Walters telescopes have a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.
  • Walters telescopes are repairable (regardless of age), and Mattingly Low Vision provides this service in-house!
  • In-house spectacle mounting of Walters telescopes (up to 8x)
  • Custom drilling and mounting is available, and performed bby Mattingly Low Vision in-house.

Sam Walters - Founder of Walters Low Vision Optics