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Walters Low Vision Optics

A Division of Mattingly Low Vision, Inc.

Mattingly Low Vision, Inc. is proud to continue to provide Walters products and carry on the Walters name. 

S. WALTERS, INC. was a family owned and operated venture, in business for over sixty years. For last thirty seven years, the company has concentrated it's efforts on the design and manufacturing of optics for Low Vision applications.

The late Sam Walters, founder of S. Walters, Inc., was a pioneer in the field of Low Vision Optics. The birth of the close focus telescope began with his development of an 8x20, tube-draw monocular that could focus as close as 10 inches. Prior to his invention, few telescopes could be focused closer than 30 feet. Through refinement of that early technology, the twist close-focus monocular of today evolved.

Until his death in 2001, Sam devoted his talents to building a complete line of affordable, high quality Low Vision equipment. From the orignal tube-draw monocular, the WALTERS product line has grown to encompass 30 close-focus WALTERS monoculars, a comprehensive line of accessories to support the monoculars, several close focus spectacle binoculars and a diverse line of magnifiers.

WALTERS LOW VISION OPTICS provides distribution and technical support for the WALTERS product line to Medical Practitioners, hospitals, clinics, schools, government agencies and other Low Vision Service Providers. In addition to product consultation and a drilling/mounting service, WALTERS LOW VISION OPTICS provides repair service for all WALTERS equipment, both new and "well-used".

Today, S. WALTERS, INC. remains a recognized industry leader still committed to the passion of it's founder, Sam Walters, for providing the finest Low Vision Products at affordable prices and providing exceptional service for the customer.