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Nolvadex is a drug, an estrogen receptor antagonist; it is used to treat breast cancer by suppressing the effects of estrogen. Side effects are rare and include facial flushing, pain, and swelling. Research is underway to determine whether Nolvadex can be taken by women at risk for breast cancer. Tamoxifen was originally developed by a group of British scientists as a fertility drug. As an estrogen antagonist, however, the drug proved useless for contraception but was effective in fighting estrogen-sensitive forms of breast cancer. Worldwide sales of the drug are about $1 billion a year.

There is almost no Nolvadex in pharmacies, which is used for many cancers, especially breast cancer. The problem is discussed on thematic forums in social networks, and its existence has been confirmed by representatives of pharmacy associations and pharmaceutical manufacturers. The last shipment of the drug was in 2023, and the disruption occurred due to problems with the delivery to the U.S. pharmaceutical substrates for the production of Nolvadex a, experts say. The drug should reappear in pharmacies in late February, they predict. The drug, as a rule, is prescribed for a long time, and one of its advantages is its cheapness: the price of one package is only about $40, while imported analogues can cost several hundred.

Cancer patients are facing a shortage of the hormonal drug Nolvadex in pharmacies. It is most commonly prescribed for breast cancer in women and breast cancer in men, ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer, kidney cancer, melanoma, soft tissue sarcoma and other types of cancer. Twitter has hundreds of comments from patients who have found Nolvadex at the cheapest price. For example, in one such post, a girl asks to look for the drug in pharmacies in other cities - she couldn't find it in the U.S. From all pharmacies in the U.S. disappeared a life-saving drug for me - the patient writes. - No internet searches and trips to pharmacies did not help. Well, okay there are no Finnish and German, but where are our analogues? Not so long ago they were available in every pharmacy. And the medicine is low-price, but, ah, how necessary! Judging by the response comments, it is difficult to find the remedy in many big cities. From the publications of local media, it is clear that the problem is also relevant to other regions.

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In online pharmacies Nolvadex as well is almost nonexistent. Thus, on the largest resources the drug is not available. Across Canada, only a few packages of the drug in different dosages could be found in just a few pharmacies. However, a similar drug, Tamoxifen, is available. According to the Independent Pharmacy Association, the last shipment of Nolvadex was in 2023. Since then, almost all of the product has been sold out. To date, we are recording a shortage of this drug. There are three foreign manufacturers on the market. Nevertheless, imported analogues disappeared in spring. Wholesalers still don't have them," said the director of the Association of Independent Pharmacies.

Nolvadex is usually taken for a long time, up to several years, so the price of the drug is important, the deputy director of the Cancer Research Center said in an interview. This is a very important drug that is recommended to women who have been cured of breast cancer for many years as maintenance hormone therapy. And one of its main advantages is its low price. It may not be the best among similar drugs, but it is definitely the cheapest," said the expert.

Other drugs from the category of aromatase inhibitors (inhibit the formation of estrogen and androgens in the body) are suitable for replacement, the expert noted. But if the average price for a package of Nolvadex made in the USA is $100-$120, then, for example, a generic in the same dosage and with the same number of pills in a package costs about $40. The press service reported that according to the automated information system, the release into civil circulation of the drug with the active substance Nolvadex in 2020 was more than 1.1 million packs, in 2021 - more than 1.2 million packs and in 2022 - more than 1 million packs. This means that additional volumes of the drug will soon arrive in the treatment and pharmacy network.

According to the system, there are more than 470,000 units in circulation today, which is about half a year's demand for the drug.

At present, activities are underway to re-register the maximum selling price of drugs with the international generic name Nolvadex of three American and foreign manufacturers, they added. The largest manufacturers of drugs with the active ingredient Nolvadex.

Problems with the supply of domestic drugs to pharmacies have been associated with difficulties in obtaining pharmaceutical substances from which the drugs are made, said the general director of the pharmaceutical company. There were logistical problems, but now they have been solved. At the moment they are already working on the product. In early they will submit the documents to the agency. That is, we can expect that by the end of year the drug will arrive in pharmacies, said the expert.

Everything is not so clear-cut with generics. The fact is that previously it was reported about their withdrawal from our market. However, later on the company's website there was a denial, which said that the company intends to restore the distribution channels of its drugs. Currently, pharmacies still have some stock of drugs, but they do not arrive to distributors on a regular basis. This is due to logistical problems and difficulties with payment. It is obvious that since pharmacies have lost not only foreign, but also American drugs, then it is a matter of lack of substances, confirmed the general director of the analytical company on the pharmaceutical market. And most often, when such problems arise, they are noted all over the world.

Pharmarkets in different countries are closely linked to each other. So it is possible that the disruptions with Nolvadex are caused by the lack of pharmaceutical substances in the common market. The same was with the antibiotic Amoxiclav, shortage of which is still fixed in different countries, - the expert noted. In the absence of interruptions in the supply of substances the manufacturers will be able to provide the population with the necessary amount of medication. Even if for one reason or another foreign pharmaceutical companies will not supply it to the United States.

Nolvadex is taken as tablets. It may sometimes be prescribed as a liquid for people who have trouble swallowing. The recommended dose for most people is 20 mg a day. It is best to take it at the same time each day. The recommended length of time you should take it depends on your individual situation. People being treated for primary breast cancer usually take it for five to ten years. If you become postmenopausal while taking this drug, your healthcare team may recommend that you switch from Nolvadex to another hormone medicine called an aromatase inhibitor. This may happen after two to three years of taking, or after five years of taking this drug.

Nolvadex is sometimes recommended after taking an aromatase inhibitor. For young premenopausal women, this drug may be given alone or sometimes with ovarian suppression. If you are taking this drug for locally advanced breast cancer or secondary breast cancer, you will usually continue to take it for as long as it keeps the cancer under control. If you have a strong family history of breast cancer and are taking this drug to reduce your risk of developing breast cancer, you will usually take it for five years.